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Welcome to, a club for players around the world who like a game of Microsoft Links 2003.

Our competitions are played on ver 1.07 modified of the game.

We offer Offline play that is open to everyone that attempts to simulate a career by playing Links 2003 through competition with your fellow linksters, so all I can ask of anyone is that you give us a try.

The tour that we shall be offering at is : Offline Medal Tour - a 14 days event with a Scratch Leaderboard and a Handicap Leaderboard played across four rounds.

The season 2014 - 2015 is divided into four periods of 6 events each.
There are points and rankings leaderboards for each period and there is a points and rankings leaderboards for the entire season

Finally I would just like to say that aims to be a friendly site where linksters can play their golf in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and most of all keeping Links 2003 alive. So until you have signed up and tried us you will never know what you have been missing out on.

If you would like to become a member of go to our Forum page and register.
First take a look at the rules page and follow the link "sign-up & Player profile" before you start playing.


I hope to see you soon on the first tee

Luc - Tourdirector